What People Are Saying

Roxy Stankiewicz

Tonight was one of the best messages. I’m glad that so many people got saved tonight. I got knocked out by the Holy Spirit. Tonight was the best and it was all because of God. The heavens open up and God pour down the fire from heaven. The angels up there are rejoicing. I feel like a brand new person. I feel like I’m changing into a better woman of God. I told God that I want to mature more and grow up more and learn new things. God really had His way tonight like He really did. The way I feel about tonight is indescribable. It’s like the best feeling ever. But I just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing. God is using you in so many different ways, and the word that God is giving you is really changing people’s hearts and lives. Even when you go through stress and problems, never give up because God’s love is so much greater.


On our second trip out toThe Invasion, salvation’s more than doubled from 7 to 20! During this time, a young man named Jason accepted one of our CD’s we were handing out. His mom came down the streets about a half an hour later crying and telling us how she has been praying for him to come back to God for years and through our music, he was interested in God again. Jason began attending our church, Redemption House Life Center, and the change in him has been remarkable because of the power of Jesus! Praise God!


We have seen lives touched on a weekly basis.  One of our favorite stories actually started out frighteningly. Freddy received a Facebook message from a young adult threatening his life. He said he was going to come out to The Cave to kill him because he had a girlfriend that was getting picked up by one of The Cave vans.  What do you know?  He shows up to The Cave on May 6, 2011 themed “We Win”.  We had asked security to keep an eye on him.  We knew that what Satan intended for evil, God would use for His good (Genesis 50:20).  Freddy shared the story of Jesus and how he died not just because we were sinners but because we are his children. Freddy told them that although Jesus was murdered by his enemies, He loved them.  Freddy opened the opportunity for anyone interested to receive Christ into their heart. We saw the young man, who had threatened his life, come down the aisle tearing softly as he came to receive Jesus into his heart.  Freddy called him up to the front and whispered in his ear that Jesus loved him and that we did too.  Freddy asked if he was okay with sharing with everyone why he came that night.  He shared in front of about a hundred people, “I came to kill Freddy tonight, but I realized that Freddy was filled with Jesus’ love and he never said anything back to me out of hate on Facebook.  I could not understand Freddy, but now I know that it’s the Jesus that lives in him.  I decided that I want the same thing and I want Jesus in my heart and to learn to love my enemies.”  The young guy came out to kill Freddy but ended up giving his life to Jesus due to the power of God.  The next day on Facebook, he sent Freddy a family request asking him to list him as his brother.

Social Media

Dimarco has been out to The Cave a number of times but is often busy on Friday nights and Sundays and is unable to attend the events or services.  He said that he watches The Cave Live on YouTube and Ustream and gets his Jesus that way.  He really gets touched and moved to live for Jesus through The Cave Social Media.

Lives Changed

A substitute teacher from Anne Arundel County Public Schools came out to the The Cave one Friday night in the Summer 2010 through some friends of hers.  She began looking around at the teenagers and noticed that she knew several of them from North County High School.  She started to see that there was something different about these young people, that they had somehow changed.  She later told us that the teenagers that she knew were some of the roughest kids in her schools, and because of the ministry through The Cave they had turned their lives around.  Those teenagers, when they went back to school that year, were different.  They made honor roll, had regular attendance and were no longer known as the “bad kids.”  One girl was even able to achieve straight “A’s” during her senior year.

God’s Love

65 year old man, Daniel taps Freddy on his shoulders and gives him his book titled, What is Character?  He said he wrote the book when he wasn’t a full believer and now that he dedicated his life back to Jesus.   He wanted Freddy to read over the book to let him know input on it lining up with the Bible so that he could make it accurate according to the word of God.  He said he never cries and he couldn’t help himself because he felt the love of God through message.