Freddy Flanagan – Founder

Freddy Flanagan is a young energetic and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about sharing and introducing his faith to all. He is an exceptional mixture…a talented youthful promoter, artist, motivational speaker and pastor. He serves as the Associate Pastor at Redemption House Life Center in Arnold, Maryland and he is also the founder of “The Cave”. At the tender age of 11, Freddy Flanagan made a conscious decision to give his life to God. Since he has made that choice, the path has lead him to contribute that same indescribable and life changing experience with others. At the age of 12 he shared his first message titled “Are you Hungry for God?” at Sunday morning service.

He has a unique drive and desire to promote God in a way that will connect to those who have yet to know him. With that desire continuously flowing, Freddy Flanagan has set forth on a mission to reveal that love to the masses. Delivering a message of hope in a form that will fit any socioeconomic background, faith level, or any age group, his desire to further the mission and reach more and more people heightened. He developed a place for artists with diverse gifts and talents to gather and share a common interest. This concept is an extension of who Freddy Flanagan is as a believer. “The Cave” an urban Christian venue that was once a vision is now made a reality for Freddy Flanagan. He combined his love for people and his love of the arts and has created a dynamic organization!

Since its opening in Maryland in the summer of 2012, “The Cave” has had a powerful influence and impact on young adults. They found a place that allows them to express themselves through music, dance, entertainment and other activities on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 8pm to midnight in Columbia, MD, on the last Fridays at “The Cave” Eastside location and “The Cave” Branson. This is a place where God is the center focus and is highly energized through various talents. He also promotes an event called “Rock the Block” which is an occasion held for communities to come out and receive messages of hope, encouragements and love. “Rock the Block” was featured on CBS news, The Glen Burnie Patch and the Maryland Gazette.

The main purpose of this movement was to reach young adults primarily in the Baltimore metro area with a message of truth and hope. This is done with live Christian entertainment that is relevant and reflects the culture, combining music and the arts in a way that is relatable. Now the vision is gaining momentum and Freddy sees this as a new wave that will replace the sex and alcohol-driven secular clubs.

“The Cave” will put other clubs out of business because of the life-changing experience people discover” – Freddy Flanagan

The Cave’s urban Christian events have turned people’s lives around and it has succeeded in the purpose of changing people’s hearts. Over the past 2 years Freddy’s events have attracted thousands of people.

Today “The Cave” has expanded and continues to grow. Currently there are 3 locations; The Cave Columbia, “The Cave” East Side, and “The Cave” Branson. By 2015 it is expected to expand to 10 other locations.

The reason for the growing success of “The Cave” is based on the fact that there is a generation in need of positive influences. In order to reach this generation Freddy truly believes that it has to be done in a way that is most relevant.

“In order to reach people you can’t speak church language because it is going to go over their heads, we want to reach them right where they’re at.” –Freddy-Flanagan

This concept will draw a generation that is un-churched and introduce them to an alternative way of having fun, with a twist. In return Freddy will be able to bring about a positive atmosphere that will not only entertain but will fulfill a calling.

That calling on Freddy Flanagan’s life came out of a personal story filled with struggles. His story is one of hope and redemption from a life of disappointments and losses.  At the age of 5 he lost his father and spent the remainder of his child hood fatherless and he was also losing his mother to substance abuse. He felt a void in his life and desired to experience love that was now missing.

“All my life all I wanted was to be loved, treasured and valued and was looking for a father figure” explains Freddy.

He witnessed so many people losing their lives around him to negative influences. A turning point in his life occurred while spending time with a loving family who were also his neighbors. Through their show of genuine care for each other and Freddy, he was introduced to the source of un- conditional love and devotion that bonded them together. From that point, Freddy Flanagan began the process of healing and allowing God into his own heart. As a result he has witnessed the demonstration of that source of power that has changed not only his life but others around him including his mother.

If you were to encounter Freddy Flanagan today there would be no hint or evidence of a past filled with darkness. He has so much hope and love that seeps into all he sets his hands to do. Freddy Flanagan has traveled throughout the US for motivational speaking engagements and continues to run “The Cave” as well as speaking at various youth conferences in the DelMarVa DC area. His vision for the future is to take “The Cave” to a global audience and to spread the message of love and hope to all.

When you experience “The Cave” and any other events and venues he leads, you will encounter a renewed state of mind. If you are feeling lost and broken or even tired of the same monotonous atmosphere of the club/party scene of the secular, then events and places such as “Rock the Block” and “The Cave” is where you want to be!